About Us


We are an average retired couple, Bruce and Karen Morris. We both worked 40 years in our industries. We enjoy traveling and sailing. Our mission has always been to Love God and Love Others. We have done this by helping others in various ways, personal, financial, support and love. Not only were we looking for new ways to help others but a better way protect our retirement money. We researched ways to diversify our portfolio and protect ourselves from 401k and stock market losses. We discovered that Fine Art is a very safe and stable way to protect and grow our money, while enjoying it every day. If you think about it, the rich and powerful have been doing it for centuries, even the criminals have gotten into buying and trading art as a way to protect and grow their money. We discovered that we had gotten such great deals by buying in volume; we wanted to share our good fortune with others.  We are currently an online only Gallery. We can make arrangements for Art viewing if requested. We are in Sunny Southern California.

By buying these fine arts at today great prices you will enjoy a beautiful, safe and stable way of watching your money grow. We have many styles of art, for all levels of collecting.  Why buy from us and not someone else. Our art comes exquisitely matted, framed and is boxed ready to ship the day you order it. Other galleries take 12 weeks or more, charge for framing and shipping. Our frames, shipping (in US) and taxes are included in our price (except where specified). We sell for at least 10% under the appraised value (value excludes frame price) of the art. The more art you buy on the same invoice, the more you save.